What is VOTSA?

VOTSA stands for Visual Overlay Tennis and Sports Analysis. VOTSA facilitates learning using a stick figure overlay of a professional player placed on top of the student.

VOTSA is unique from other video analysis solutions in that we’ve removed all the typical obstacles that prevent integrating video analysis into your tennis curriculum.

  1. VOTSA leverages learning through visualization, a scientifically proven performance enhancing methodology. VOTSA  allows both the player and coach to SEE the difference between their strokes and the pros.
  2. VOTSA  doesn’t require learning any software. Simply record a clip of your stroke(s) and upload it to VOTSA.PRO. We’ll take it from there and you’ll receive your access to your analysis within 3-5 business days.
  3. VOTSA  is affordable.  A pay per use solution, with no obligation to purchase or lease software.

Register for FREE access to our website, VOTSA.pro. The Website provides access to (1) your VOTSA analysis online, (2) pro strokes library and (3) your VOTSA analysis history in your account.