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My Account Instructions

My Account will display (1) the status of your order and (2) a list of your completed VOTSA packages.  You may also view and download your completed VOTSA package from this page.

  • The Status of work in progress grid lists all VOTSA’s in progress.
  • The history grid displays all VOTSA packages that are available to be view online.
  • Filters may be used to filter and view the status of an order and/or completed VOTSA’s in the account history.  You may filter on Player,  Stroke or Video ID and then click Apply to view results of the filter. If you are a coach, club or academy, you may filter on all/any player and all/any stroke.  If you are a student, you can filter on all/any coaches associated with your videos and all/any stroke(s) ordered for analysis.
  • To view your VOTSA analysis packages, click on the View link associated with the VOTSA package. You may also click on the Download link to download the VOTSA package.
  • The unpaid VOTSA’s are also displayed in the History grid with a View link in red. You may click on the link provided to make payment and view your VOTSA analysis.