Uploading Video

Video Upload Instructions

  • Select the desired VOTSA analysis package (Basic or Premium).
  • If you select the Basic Package you are prompted to choose 3 key positions for the stick figure overlay analysis.
  • Select the Basic Stroke & Stroke Type for analysis and be sure the uploaded video matches your selection (Ex: Forehand – Cross Court).
  • Select the Level at which the stroke was played (Ex: Waist Level).
  • Select the Pro for the Player-Pro comparison.
  • Select the view position of the recorded stroke (Ex: Side).
  • Select the stroke number in your video to be used in preparing your VOTSA.
  • Select Player name in the video from the dropdown. If the player name is not available, select New Player and enter the player details and click on Save to register a new player. A confirmation message will appear and an email notification will be sent to both Player and Coach to their registered email addresses.
  • Select the coach from the drop down list. If the coach is not available in the drop down list, select New Coach, enter the details and click Save to register the new coach.  A message confirming successful registration appears.
  • If a coach logs-in, the name of the coach appears next to the Coach Name.

  • Similarly, if a student logs-in the name of the student appears next to Player Name in the Video.
  • Additional notes may be entered in the box provided for Notes.
  • Click on Continue to upload to proceed with the upload. An option to change the video details is available if needed. A confirmation message will appear when the upload is complete.
  • Additional videos may be uploaded via the Upload page. 
  • Click to proceed with payment and My Cart displays a grid of  any uploaded videos.
  • Click on Submit Payment to proceed with payment.
  • The page will take you to a secured payment gateway where you can make payment by filling in necessary details.


There are two types of packages:

  • Basic Package contains Stick figure overlay for 3 key positions and Video comparison between Pro and Student.
  • Premium Package contains Stick figure overlay for 7 key positions, Swing path analysis, Eye contact analysis, Video Section and  .pdf document of the analysis.