Video Tips

Best Practices for Recording Strokes

Before the Courts

  1. Select Stroke to record.
  2. Choose a Pro from VOTSA library.
  3. Make note of the court position of the Pro so the videographer can capture similar view when recording the student.

At the Courts

  1. Position the student on the court so the sun shines on the racquet side of the swing.
  2. Position the student in the same court position of the Pro in the video.
  3. Record on the racquet side of the student.
  4. Record clips in groups of 4 swings of the stroke (except for the serve). For example, start recording and have the student take 4 swings then stop recording.  Repeat this sequence 3 to 4 times or until a desired stroke is captured. For the Serve, record 1 Serve per recording until a desired Serve is captured.
  • Be sure the student and racquet are visible in the viewfinder throughout the swing.
  • The use of zoom is allowed when recording.