Pro Strokes & Grips

Pro Strokes & Grips Viewing

  • Select the Pro and the stroke of choice to view.
  • Click on the available level: Low, Waist Level and High
  • The Pro video may be viewed in 4 views: SideAngle, Rear and Aerial.  Click on the desired view for the stroke.
  • The stroke may be viewed at regular speed, slow motion or frame by frame using the Next and Previous buttons.
  • The site map path indicates your location on the site and you can navigate by clicking on the links of the path.
  • The grip used by the Pro for the selected stroke is displayed to the right of the stroke viewer.
  • Place the mouse over the “grips” gallery to view a larger picture of each of the 3 grip views. You also have the option to view grips with bevel edge guidelines.